Food For Thought



Aloha my beauties!

It has been a long time since I have posted an entry. Thank you for your patience! As you may all know, I have been MIA as I was focusing on getting healthier, work and planning my next beauty move. We are creatures of growth. I do not know about you but constant reinvention is what fuels my drive to pursue my dreams.

Two weeks prior my vacation to Hawai’i, I was a constant mess. My anxiety was in full swing and I seem to have lost control over my life. But upon being back, I feel refreshed and ready to hustle! There are a few things I would like to share with you before going to the real topic at hand. And hopefully this will make you ponder and help you overcome obstacles as did I.


Looking back at my previous posts and editorial articles, I seem to preach this a lot not realizing to actually practice it. I constantly pushed myself to be perfect and in turn, I end up disappointed and angry at myself. This took a toll on my mental and physical health and even took a damper on some of my personal relationships.

In Hawai’i, there is a term “hang loose” or as they call it the “shaka”. This is actually a friendly gesture and often used to make peace with others. It also means “no worries”. This reminded me to let things be, let go of unrealistic expectations and be more kind to myself.


During our trip, I heard so many stories of people moving from bigger cities, living everything behind, going to the islands to reinvent themselves and enjoying the simple way of life. Imagine a life of beach surfing and sun bathing? Sign me right up! Though geographically impossible (for now), this taught me to put down my phone, be in the moment, buy less and live more. Keep focusing on what matters most.


There is a wise Hawai’ian phrase, “Ua ola loko i ke aloha—he alii ka la’i, he ha Ku’ulani na” which means “Life is an echo—what you give out comes back” which teaches the more happiness and hard work you put out there, the more you will get in return. In saying so, life may throw you for a loop but as long as you keep swimming against the tides, you will get to your destination.

I hope you enjoyed these little reminders and may you be well on your journey!

And don’t forget “E aloha Kekahi i kekahi”—Love one another.


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