Hawaii and Summer’s Day Beauty Favourites

If there is one thing I would’ve done differently, it would be to pack less in the beauty department. That was the main goal until a surge of panic overcame me and my conscious mind started asking questions like “What if we had to go to dinner and in need of a rockin’ smoky eye?” or “What if my powder doesn’t have enough coverage?” A woman’s brain indeed – am I right ladies?

So I ended up bringing all of these:


I have equal love for all of my beauty products and I treat each piece as if it were a valuable art piece. So when my husband and I found out that the airline lost our luggage, my heart sank because most of my precious liquid and cream makeup was in our checked bag. Those were not my best moments but thank goodness, God had our backs and we were reunited with our luggage.

Those kind of experiences teach you a few things – that there is Costco and Walmart in every corner to save your bum from the first 24 hours and to try to pack a carry-on and as little as much as possible. Believe me, I try EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This goes to all of my beauty essentials. I may have packed it all but only ended up using what I needed. My go-to’s most days were the following and should be in your summer beauty kit.



A perfect way to lightly even out your skin on a warm, sunny day is with a good tinted moisturizer. I love this product because aside from its “barely-there” feel and hydration factor, it is also infused with marine botanicals and heart-leaf globe daisy to energize, replenish and protect skin. It also has SPF 30!



One simply cannot forgo simplicity especially when going to the tropics. What I love most about this compact is its dual compartments which makes it customizable to your needs. I decided to fashion mine with Elate Cosmetics Fix Pressed Powder in Tawny and Flushed Pressed Cheek Colour in Sunkiss Bronzer. The pressed powder is infused with grounded argan shell powder and coconut extract powder to hydrate and nourish. It also has titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which gives it sun protection factor.



There were days where I would just go out with just complexion and bronzer. But as soon as I brushed my cheeks with this baby, it just gave me the perfect summer flush. It goes on smooth and provided a lovely youthful glow.

May summer bring you endless sunshine and new adventures!


5 Timeless Reds That Will Unleash Your Inner Superhero


A friend once told me there is a certain kind of power one possesses when wearing red lipstick. People tend to pay closer attention to what is being said because the main focal point are the lips. From personal experience, I think there is a certain truth to this statement. Every time I wear it, I feel bolder, sexier and just a little bit more gutsier.

I remember browsing through the web and finding a movie titled “Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy” starring Sarah Chalke. The film tells a story of a 27 year old woman named Geralyn Lucas who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Though faced with uncertainty, she chose to rely on sense of humor and her handy red lipstick for courage to confront the disease. The movie completely changed my beauty perspective! It just shows that we can be a little braver with just one swipe of lip colour.


A lipstick is more than just a tool for vanity. It keeps us smiling. It makes us opinionated. It lets us love purely and makes us make love wildly. It is moody, trendy and everything in between. It pushes us beyond our limits, unleashes our alter-ego and creates a certain persona. We do only live once. So why not be our very own everyday superhero!