New Year’s Resolutions: Beauty Edition


I am not keen on making resolutions. For one, the upkeep is quite demanding and secondly, I am not the greatest at following through. Big thanks to my free-spirit loving Sagittarius nature! But there are some things worth keeping in mind and that is your wellness. And honey! It shows on your skin.

As you may have noticed, it has been quite awhile since my last post. Well, I was going on an adventure called “paying my bills.” Do you really think writing is a great source of stable income? Haha! God bless if you do! So as I was kicking butt at working life, I have picked up little reminders along the way and would love to share it with you:


This is a no brainer. Hydration is probably the best thing you could ever do for your skin. And yes, you can drink your 8 glasses (plus wine!) a day. But I am telling you that is not enough. You see, only a small percentage of that goes to your skin. Most of the H20 are being hogged by your internal organs like a pack of mean girls. That is why the skincare gods have blessed us with hydrating serums. Yes, use them! Some hydrating serums have the technology to retain moisture in the skin. They are expensive for a reason. Haha! But for us cheapskates and poor souls, Laneige Water Bank Serum would suffice. (, $46) It is packed with minerals to keep skin hydrated for 24 hours. WIN!


You name it: cereal, yogurt, your grocery list, your mid-afternoon or late snacks, your water, your ice, on your boyfriend or girlfriend and even on your pizza (Because pizza is life!). Start popping them like your vitamins. Make it a good habit like exercise. They are full of antioxidants which is not only good for your skin but also for your burnt out soul.


Dearest [please insert name here],

Your skin is not invincible. Go slather that SPF. Wear hats. Stop going to tanning beds. You will thank me later.




This is heavily inspired by an aphorism from the book “How To Be Parisian” by Anne Berest et al. These Parisian goddesses said it best, “Go to the theater, to museums, and to concerts as often as possible: it gives you a healthy glow.” I don’t know about you, but concerts give me the ultimate high. You may smell of sweat, beer and possibly some kind of strange paraphernalia that you may or may not have taken but you will come out of there feeling refreshed. Grooving to your favourite music is the best mental and physical detox there is!


Yup. I said it! And you heard me right! Beauty vloggers are a great source of useful and/or practical advice but one must be wary as there are a lot of BS out there. The world of cyberspace can be a bit overwhelming. We live in the information age girlfriend! One can get information A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E even from your creepy neighbor Steve. But the key is getting in tuned with what you really need versus what is trending. Go to your nearest spa, pull up Yelp for reviews, research and never look back.

People worth following though:

Shonagh Scott

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Stephanie Lange

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Happy New Years lads and lasses! x


Beauty Quick Fix for Burnt Out Mortals

Janie Nelson PHOTOFULLsmallphoto by Jamie Nelson at

It is a known fact that Millennials are burning out way more than ever before. Hey! Rent and bills ain’t gonna pay for themselves especially in this day and age. And when it comes to your dreams, the demand is higher and the competition is tougher. We are often overworked and underpaid. Living paycheck to paycheck is the game. But there is no shame to that because you, my friend, are a hustler. You may work hard but you can play harder! And you can start at the comfort of your own 340 sq. ft. apartment.

At your make shift beauty vanity to be exact and it will only take 10-15 minutes of your precious time.

There’s nothing like a good ol’ skincare mask to cure procrastination. And yes, YOUR DREAMS ARE NOT DEAD. “Wait! Skin care products can be very expensive! No?!” you say? Well, you didn’t think about that when you bought that bottle of Moët with your student loan! (No judgment) Girl! Listen up! Your skin is the epitome of your success. No matter how many times I tell you that inner beauty is what it’s all about, some people are still judgmental pricks. Plus, with great skincare routine comes graceful aging! Do you think Helen Mirren would look the way she is just by washing her face with water? No, no, no! She had to kill 100 virgins and bathe in their blood. (jk)

Ok, ok! So you are living on a budget. Check out Narine Nikogosian’s book Return To Beauty (, $15). It is full of wonderful beauty masks (and more) recipes using ingredients from your pantry and will let you unleash your inner alchemist (nerd alert!). For the lazy girl, get ready to cash out a whopping $10.95 for Lush’s Don’t Look At Me mask. It is infused with oils and butters that will soften and brighten the skin which in turn will make you instantly look like you had 8 hours of full, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

And if you really feel like living on the edge and going over your credit card limit (because we all know you deserve it!), head over to your local candy store SEPHORA and snag yourself a jar of Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask by Fresh (Sephora, $108). It will knock-out any redness and ward off Mother Nature’s wrath (wrinkles) while hydrating the skin.

Kidding aside, burning out is no fun. It is OK to live a little to keep your sanity. Your mental and physical health are number one priority! If everything gets overwhelming, just stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Now go and spoil yourself!





Beauty Rx for Happier Skin


We love to enjoy the good things in life. And that includes lounging under the sun after a long, severe season of cold temperatures. And  with it brings indulgence in different beauty regimen to keep skin smooth, glowing and hair-free. Skin is exposed and can bring about certain reactions. And that is the last thing you would want especially in glorious weather.

Take care of summer beauty woes with these easy tricks:


Bikini razor bumps can be a summer bomb especially if you want to wear your favourite swimsuit. To avoid having such a nuisance, take a warm shower to open up your pores then gently exfoliate the area to get rid of dirt and dead skin. With your preferred shaving cream and razor, shave towards the direction of where your hair naturally grows. Pat dry and apply a cooling cream or gel like Shaveworks The Cool Fix (Sephora, $25). It soothes the skin and prevents ingrown hairs from developing.


It is inevitable and we all get them! To help minimize ingrown hairs, try changing your hair removal routine. If you’re more prone to getting them when you shave, book an appointment for a wax and see if that works better for you.

At-home remedy: The best advice is NEVER tweeze with force and let hair grow out a little longer. Prep by pressing a clean, warm compress over the affected area and exfoliate gently. Make sure to pull only when hair is exposed and with a pair of disinfected tweezers. Apply a topical cream to heal and to avoid infection. It is advisable to talk to your dermatologist or doctor for alternative ways in getting rid of ingrown hairs.

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You take extra steps to care for your skin. But despite best efforts to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, you’ve still gotten this painful and irritated skin. But don’t let this get you down. Heal your way back to your beautiful summer self with a little bit of skin kitchenomics.

Homemade Oatmeal and Yogurt Balm

1/2 cup of oatmeal + 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt

Overcook the oatmeal for a softer consistency and then set aside to cool. Combine the ingredients together and apply on affected area. Oatmeal calms the skin while yogurt helps hydrate and repair skin’s natural barriers. Leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off with a cold shower. Finish by spraying aloe juice to boost healing.


Whatever climate we are in, our skin is susceptible to breakouts. And to keep skin clean, well-maintained and acne under control, eat foods rich in antioxidants, drink enough H2O and establish an exceptional skin hygiene regimen. Instead of washing your face by means of plain soap and water, try using your favourite cleanser with Clarisonic Mia2 Sonic Skin Cleansing System (Hudson’s Bay, $180). Its gentle, revolving brush effectively clears pores of unwanted gunk, removes makeup from skin and stimulates circulation for a healthy glow. Heal and nourish with a facial mask.

French Green Clay Mask for Acne-Prone Skin

1 tbsp of French Green Clay (Available at any health food and beauty stores) + 1 tbsp of water

Add water and loose French Green Clay powder to make a paste and apply on damp skin. Leave for 15 minutes then wash with warm water and gently pat skin to dry.

Summer does not have to be a bummer. All you need is a little bit of patience and the right ingredients and tools for healthier and happier skin.

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